Hello from New Orleans!

CH2Mers are excited to attend the 89th Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC 2016) in New Orleans, Louisiana, at Morial Convention Center, September 24-28. The Water Environment Federation (WEF) is anticipating participation of more than 22,000 attendees from more than 70 countries, which means ample opportunities to network, share best practices and new industry knowledge, as well as learn from one another.

Many of our employees are presenting papers, moderating technical sessions and workshops, participating in committee, division and council meetings, or just enjoying all that activities and learning opportunities WEFTEC presents. We consider this an opportunity to not only learn more about the latest issues in the water industry, but also to better get to know our clients to understand their needs, issues and overall objectives. Be sure to check out the full list of CH2M WEFTEC 2016 participation below, so you know where to connect with us. We look forward to seeing those of you who will be in New Orleans!

Even if you can’t make it to the conference this year, we want to stay connected. Join the conversation by following our Facebook, Twitter (and the #WEFTEC16 hashtag), LinkedIn and Access Water blog, which will feature WEFTEC conference content from CH2Mers throughout the week.

Main Events Where You’ll Find Us

8:30 AM -4:00 PM | WEF Community Service Project | This summer, the City of New Orleans is implementing multiple green infrastructure and sustainability projects on the City Hall grounds to solve issues and provide an education resource to the community. Help propel this project forward by constructing bioretention cells and bioswales to capture and filter stormwater runoff to alleviate flooding and improve water quality.
9:00 AM and 12:00 PM | Water For People Bike Ride | Bicycle Michael’s near the French Quarter
10:00 – 11:30 AM | Operations Challenge 2016: Process Control Event |Booth 4563, Hall F, New Orleans Convention Center

11:30 AM – 4:30 PM | Operations Challenge 2016: Laboratory Event |Booth 4563, Hall F, New Orleans Convention Center

1:00 – 4:00 PM | Student and Young Professional Networking & Career Fair |Booth 4563, Hall F, New Orleans Convention Center

5:00 – 6:15 PM | Industrial Networking Reception | Room 260, New Orleans Convention Center

5:30 – 8:30 PM | Water For People Big Easy Bash | The Howlin’ Wolf
Join this CH2M sponsored event as we support Water For People and their mission to end water poverty. Tickets (available for $40 through registration or $50 at the door) include hors d’oeuvres, two drink tickets and live music.

4:30 – 5:45 PM | WEF Awards and Presidential Celebration Reception | Great Hall Pre-function Space, New Orleans Convention Center

6:00 – 8:00 PM | Operations Challenge 2016: Awards Ceremony | Grand Ballroom AB, Hilton Riverside

CH2M Employee Workshops

8:30 AM | Samuel Jeyanayagam: Workshop Speaker | W04 – WEF/WERF Who Moved My Carbon? The Competition for Carbon at WRRF of the Future

10:30 AM | Julian Sandino: Workshop Speaker | W04 – WEF/WERF Who Moved My Carbon? The Competition for Carbon at WRRF of the Future - Energy Optimization in the Context of Recovering Marketable End Products

8:30 AM | Dave Parry: Workshop Speaker | W22 – High-Performance Anaerobic Digestion: Can You Handle It?

9:30 AM – 10:00 AM | Cameron Clark: Workshop Vice Chair | W22– High-Performance Anaerobic Digestion: Can You Handle It? - HPAD Options and Summary of HPAD Examples

10:45 AM | Kar Munirathinam: Workshop Speaker | W14– Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals for Petroleum Refineries: Aerobic Biological Treatment 1: Fundamental Concepts

11:15 AM | Leon Downing: Workshop Speaker | W16 – Energy Use at Municipal Resource Recovery Facilities: Fundamentals, Conservation, and Recovery: Calculate Energy Footprint of a WWTP with Innovative Technologies

2:30 PM | Drury Whitlock: Workshop Speaker | W22 – High-Performance Anaerobic Digestion: Can You Handle It?

CH2M Employee Technical Presentations

1:30 PM | Larry Schimmoller, Speaker | TS220 – Treat It to Drink It: Treatment Technologies Toward Potable Reuse - Comparing Advanced Treatment Approaches for a Large-Scale Potable Reuse Project in Southeastern Virginia

2:30 PM | Heather Harris, Speaker | TS216 – Stormwater Modeling:  Innovation and Application: Urban Flood Prediction and Warning: Challenges and Solutions

3:30 PM | Terry Krause, Speaker| TS227 – Collection Tunnel Systems - Corrosion Protection Linings for the Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Program, Abu Dhabi

3:30 PM | Leon Downing, Moderator | TS223 – From Theory to Practice: Full-Scale Demonstrations of Nutrient Removal

4:00 PM | Joss Plant, Speaker | TS227 – Collection Tunnel Systems - Pushing The Limits Of Tangential Vortex Intakes: Is Higher Capacity And Flow Measurement Possible In A Smaller Footprint?

4:30 PM | Elliot Gill, Speaker | TS218 – No Utility Is an Island: Working Across Multiple Departments and Agencies for Success - Planning for the Future: Using an Integrated Model to Support Long-term Strategies in Wastewater Collection and Treatment

4:30 PM | Dave Parry, Speaker | TS209 – Anaerobic Digestion: Design, Startup, and Operation: Bringing Anaerobic Digesters to Life

4:30 PM | Paul Sun, Speaker | TS345 – Refining Wastewater Treatment Part I: Nitrification Difficulties Encountered in Petroleum Refinery Activated Sludge Systems: Several Case Studies

8:30 AM| Jeremy Johnson, Assistant Moderator | TS303 – Water Challenges in the Steam Electric Power Industry: Part I

8:30 AM | Garry Macdonald, Moderator and Alvin Pilobello, Assistant Moderator | TS320 – Urban Resiliency Planning: Are You Ready?

8:30 AM | Tim Constantine, Moderator | TS305 – Fine-Tuning Primary Treatment: Primary Clarifier Process Modeling: Successes and Challenges

8:30AM | Bernardino Ciongoli, Speaker| TS302 – Refining Wastewater Treatment Part II - Full-scale Membrane Bio-Reactor Plant Performance and Membrane maintenance for a Refinery Wastewater Treatment

8:30 AM | David Crawford, Speaker | TS320 – Urban Resiliency Planning: Are You Ready? - Major Infrastructure Resilience To Projected Changes In Population And Climate

8:30 AM | Elliot Gill, Speaker | TS311 – Calibrating Large Urban Integrated Models: What Is the Standard and Is Your Model Really Calibrated? - CIWEM Updated Calibration Standards 

8:30 AM | Joel Rife, Speaker | TS306 – Grit Sampling and Characterization: How and Why - Current State of the Art in Grit Monitoring and Characterization

9:00 AM | Matt Deavenport, Speaker | TS307 - When It Rains It Pours: Approaches to Wet Weather Management: Dynamic Simulation Approaches To Mitigate Nonpermitted Wet Weather By-pass Risk And Optimizing Pumping Strategies At West Point WWTP

10:30 AM | Dwight Houweling, Speaker | TS301 - Advances in Sidestream Nitrogen Removal - N2O Emissions From Sidestream Deammonification: Using Latest Generation Models To Guide Optimization

10:30 AM | John Siczka, Speaker | TS307 - When It Rains It Pours: Approaches to Wet Weather Management - Using Existing Facility to Maximize the Wet Weather Treatment Capacity of the Akron, OH Water Reclamation Facility: Operating Step Feed and Improved Clarifiers to Process Peak Flows

11:00 AM | Daniel Morse, Speaker | TS321 – The Evolution of CFD Modeling for WRRF Design - Extending The Mccorquodale Model For 3D CFD Of Settling Tanks And Clarifiers

11:00 AM | Julian Sandino, Speaker | TS300 – From Flocs to Granules: How to Intensify Treatment: Improved Settleability in a BNR Process From Hydrocyclone induced Biomass Granulation

11:30 AM | Susan Moisio, Speaker | TS311 – Calibrating Large Urban Integrated Models: What Is the Standard and Is Your Model Really Calibrated? - Validating Miami Dade’s Hydraulic Model Inputs Sets the Ocean Outfall Legislation Program Up for Success

1:30 PM | Tim Constantine, Assistant Moderator | TS404 – Applying Granule Sludge to Continuous-Flow Systems

1:30 PM | Jeremy Johnson, Assistant Moderator | TS403 – Water Challenges in the Steam Electric Power Industry: Part II

1:30 PM | Peter Burrowes, Moderator | TS410 – Sludge Hydrolysis - Biosolids Hydrolysis Process and High Solids Liquid Fertilizer Reduce Land Application Costs & Complies with Nutrient Management Regulations; Alternate: Thermal Hydolysis at a Small (<30 DTPD) WRF - Challenges and Lessons Learned

1:30 PM | William McMillin, Speaker | TS420 – Tomorrows World: Creating Strategies to Prepare for Climate Change - EPA’s Nationwide Assistance to Water Utilities Assessing Climate Risk and Developing Adaptation Strategies

2:00 PM | Bart Kraakman, Speaker | TS407 – Odor Assessment, Impact, and Control in WRRFs - Integral Approaches to Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrading for Odor Prevention

3:30 PM | Peter Burrowes, Moderator | TS421 – Digester Upgrades and Renovations: Preparing for CSO Treatment - Optimizing WWTP Solids Handling Capacity; Assessing the Performance of Upgraded Anaerobic Digesters at Orange County Sanitation District Plant No. 1 A Follow-up; Retrofit of Egg Shaped Digesters for Thermophilic Batch Operation Heat Recovery and Digester Foaming Abatement Lessons Learned; Alternate: Beginning a Complete Renewal of San Jose’s (CA) Biosolids Processing Facilities

3:30 PM | Alvin Pilobello, Moderator | TS422 – Pennies From Heaven: Stormwater Utilities Today

4:00 PM | Zeynap Erdal, Speaker | TS407 – Odor Assessment, Impact, and Control in WRRFs - Innovative Odor Mapping and Management Sets the Stage for Targetted Foul Air Treatment

4:30 PM | Adrienne Willoughby, Speaker | TS404 – Applying Granule Sludge to Continuous-Flow Systems - Protocols For Researching the Impact of Sludge Granulation on BNR Processes

8:30 AM | Alvin Pilobello, Assistant Moderator | TS520 – Insights From Recent Natural Disasters in Japan

8:30 AM | Leon Downing, Speaker | TS502 – Advances in Phosphorus Removal Practices - Achieving Biological Phosphorus Removal in a Non-Ideal World

8:30 AM | David Oerke, Speaker | TS510 – Fundamentals of Residuals Management: Conditioning, Thickening, and Dewatering 101 - The Best and Most Sustainable Dewatering Processes 

9:30 AM | Scott Levesque, Speaker | TS504 – Industrial Reuse - Municipal Treatment and Supply for Oil and Gas Development: Challenges Observed During Treatability Testing and Design

10:30 AM | Garry Macdonald, Assistant Moderator | TS525 – Crystal Ball: Utilities Planning for the Future

10:30 AM | Scott Haskins, Moderator | TS523 – DBIA

10:30 AM | Daniel Buonadonna, Speaker | TS508 – Asset Management of Linear Assets - Quantifiable Risk Management for Large Diameter Sewers - Portland’s Approach to Rehabilitation of a 100-yr-old Brick Outfall

10:30 AM | Erin Mosley, Speaker | TS525 – Crystal Ball: Utilities Planning for the Future - State of the Art Nutrient Upgrade (SANUP) and Beyond: The Past and Future of Sustainability Leadership at Alexandria Renew Enterprises

11:00 AM | JD Solomon, Speaker | TS508 – Asset Management of Linear Assets - More Efficient Performance of Criticality Analysis for Collection Systems Using the Solomon-Oldach Method

11:30 AM | Tim Constantine, Speaker | TS501 – Advances in Mainstream Nitrogen Removal - Incorporating Leading Edge Mainstream Deammonification into Full-scale Advanced BNR Facilities

1:30 PM | Tyler Nading, Speaker | TS604 – Process Control and Optimization: Part 2 - Simulating WWTP Wet Weather Events to Minimize Risk and Verify Control System Operation