How collaborative funding builds new economic opportunities in Detroit

CH2M's Mike Matichich and Mark Mittag discuss how collaborative funding builds new economic opportunities for the city of Detroit. The Detroit Future City Strategic Framework, highlighted in their blog, is an ambitious initiative aimed at creating vibrant, open spaces and thriving neighborhoods throughout the city of Detroit. Read the full blog to learn more about this exciting effort.

Achieving Zero Liquid Discharge while complying with Effluent Limitation Guidelines

Curious to know how you can achieve zero liquid discharge at your facility? CH2Mer Tom Higgins will present the paper, “Enhancing FGD Wastewater ZLD Design and Insights from Simulated Brine-Solidification,” co-authored by CH2Mers Dennis Fink, Senior Project Manager and Krystal Perez, Senior Project Engineer, on Thursday, August 18, from 10:35-11 a.m., during the Power Plant Pollution Control and Carbon Management MEGA Symposium, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Accelerating SMART Water

CH2Mer Ken Thompson has been involved with the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) for several years. As the organization’s Director, Ken is involved in implementing smart water technology solutions around the world and raising awareness among utilities on how they can put smart water technologies to work for greater efficiency. In today’s Access Water blog, Ken highlights the upcoming SWAN Annual Conference in which he will be participating and moderating a session on enhancing water quality and water safety.