How to Improve Stakeholder Involvement through Flood Modelling

Flood modelling has made major advances in recent years with exciting new software tools and step changes in data. While this has led to increased accuracy and reduced flood modelling costs, opportunities for greater community involvement in the flood modelling processes have not been taken. CH2M Global Technology Leader Jon Wicks explains how flood modellers can collaborate more effectively with communities to help identify better flood management solutions. 

Protecting water supplies in Northern New Jersey

CH2Mer Amy Gao will present her paper, "Lessons Learned From Ozone Contactor Tracer Testing at Little Falls Water Treatment Plant," co-authored by Russell Ford, CH2M Global Drinking Water Leader, at the American Water Works Association's Water Quality Technology Conference, in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Wednesday, November 18. Read today's Access Water for more information on this case study.

Capturing Coastal Data with Shoreline and Nearshore Data System (SANDS)

Coastal environments are constantly changing, especially as seasons come and go—beach and shorelines rapidly erode during winter storms, only to be rebuilt and restored in more benign summer conditions. To distinguish between cyclic and progressive change, monitoring shoreline behaviour at regular intervals is critical to effectively manage and protect shorelines and local communities. In today's Access Water blog, CH2Mer Michael Stickley shares highlights from a project in Trinidad & Tobago, where our team is using CH2M’s shoreline and nearshore data system (SANDS) to monitor environmental changes and help protect the coastline. Read Michael's blog to learn more about SANDS and how this system can benefit coastal communities.

Innovating with Nature: CH2M Celebrates 10 Years of Sustainability Reporting

CH2M's Elisa Speranza recently published a guest blog for the Value of Water Coalition, discussing the importance of collaboration among CH2M and its visionary partners in coming up with solutions for some of the challenges our communities and companies are facing as a result of climate change and failing infrastructure. CH2M takes pride in helping our clients protect communities, preserve the environment and create opportunity. In our most recent 2015 Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship Report, we celebrate 10 years of sustainability reporting and the great progress that’s been made as we strive to change the game and be more creative than ever before to help meet critical infrastructure and natural resource needs. Check out Elisa's blog, and read our latest sustainability report to learn more!

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2015 Stockholm Industry Water Award recognizes CH2M for pioneering water reuse technologies

The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) selected CH2M as the recipient of the 2015 Stockholm Industry Water Award (SIWA) for developing and advancing methods to clean water and increase public acceptance of recycled water. The SIWA is given annually by the SIWI and honors outstanding and transformative water achievements by companies that contribute to sustainable water management. CH2M is proud to accept this award, which reflects the outstanding work we have done with our clients around the world to revolutionize the way water is treated and accepted. Many CH2M reuse projects have been pivotal milestones in the water industry and our company’s growth over the past 50 years. Read today's Access Water blog from Greg McIntyre, CH2M Water Business Group President, and Brock McEwen, CH2M Global Technology Director, to learn more about the firm's work on reuse projects around the world.