Hello from Boston, MA!

CH2M HILL is looking forward to attending AWWA ACE 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts!

Many of our employees are presenting papers, moderating technical sessions, participating in committee, division and council meetings, or just enjoying the plethora of great people and topics present at the conference. We consider this an opportunity to not only learn more about the latest issues in the water industry, but also to better get to know our clients to understand their needs, issues, and overall objectives. We look forward to seeing those of you attending in Boston this year.

Can’t make it to the conference? Get insights into what is being discussed and hear from CH2M HILL’s experts presenting at ACE 2014 all week long on the Access Water Blog and on CH2M HILL’s Twitter feed, using #Ace14!

Main Events Where You’ll Find Us

11:45am-1:15pm Water For People Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Award Luncheon –Westin Boston Waterfront
CH2M HILL’s Katie Chamberlain will serve as the keynote speaker at the luncheon.
8pm - 11pm Water For People Change the Game Bash FUNraiser –The Whiskey Priest
11:30am-1:15pm Water Industry Luncheon and Awarding of Holly A. Cornell Scholarship – Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
1:00-4:00pm Career Fair, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (inside the Expo)
3:00-4:00pm “Best of the Best” Water Taste Test
Ava Maria Utility Company won the Florida Section of the AWWA’s Tap Water Taste Test contest and will compete at the “Best of the Best” Tap Water Taste Test. CH2M HILL designed, built, and operates the AMUC water treatment plant, as well as the wastewater treatment plant.
3:00-4:00pm TopOps Semi-Final and Finals– Boston Convention Center Exhibit Hall, Room 104 A-C
7:30-9:00am Fuller Award Breakfast– Hyatt Regency Denver
CH2M HILL’s Bruce Manning will be honored with AWWA’s Fuller Award during the breakfast. AWWA annually presents George Warren Fuller Awards to the AWWA Sections’ selected members for their distinguished service to the water supply field in commemoration of the sound engineering skill, the brilliant diplomatic talent, and the constructive leadership that characterized the life of George Warren Fuller.

CH2M HILL Employee Technical Presentations

8:30 AM Brock Emerson | SUN06 -Jar Testing Background: Optimization through Tried and True Methods

4:00 PM | Jason Curl| MON11 - Distribution DBPs - Sources and Solutions: Optimizing Water Treatment Operations with Predictive Process Models (3 case studies)

2:00 - 5:00 PM | Brian Skeens| PSTO1 - Distribution Systems, Utility Mgmt, Utility Design & Construction Poster Session: Georgia’s Approach to Developing Performance Measures After 2 Years of More than 200 Validated Water Audits

9:30 AM | Rajat Kanti Chakraborti| TUE09 - Risky Business - How Climate Change Affects Water Systems:  Strategic System-Wide Risk Assessment to Improve Resilency of Critical Infrastructure to Potential Climate Change

9:30 AMChris Carr| TUE17 - Membrane Technology: Performance, Pre-Treatment & Post-Treatment: Optimization of Pretreatment Approach for Parallel Membrane Filtration and Conventional Treatment Processes

10:00 AM | Adam Sharpe| TUE03 - Risky Business - How Climate Change Affects Water Systems: Confronting Climate Change with Vulnerability Assessments and Asset Management

10:00 AM | Quirien Muyiwyk| TUE15 - Innovative Approaches for Algae and Taste & Odor Management: Algae and Cyanobacteria Impacts on Water Treatment Plant Operations: A Proactive Approach

11:00 AMLarry Schimmoller | TUE10 - What’s New in Water Reuse: Utility and State Perspectives: One City’s Approach to Sustainable Potable Reuse

11:30 AM | Liz Kelly| TUE18 - Pushing Treatment into the 21st Century: Design-Build-Operate Contracting - Two Projects Half Way into the Operations Phases - Seattle and San Diego County

2:30 PM | Mike Matichich | TUE21 - Getting the Right Mix for Utility Management: Planning, Collaboration, Sharing, and Improvisation:  Application of a Practice and Performance Benchmarking Tool for Effective Utility Management (EUM)

3:00 PM | Enoch Nicholson| TUE35 - There’s Life in the Old Plant Yet- Water Treatment Facility Retrofit: Integrating Ozone and Ion Exchange into a 40 Year Old 80 MGD Lime Softening Plant

3:30 PM | Russell Ford | TUE35 - There’s Life in the Old Plant Yet- Water Treatment Facility Retrofit: Retrofitting to Meet Stage 2 and LT2EWSTR - The Philadelphia Story

4:00 PMRyan Rhoades | TUE21 - Getting the Right Mix for Utility Management: Planning, Collaboration, Sharing, and Improvisation: Change Brings Opportunity: Public and Private Working Side by Side Managing the Water System in Gilbert, Arizona

4:00 PM | Sterling Dean Ramsey| TUE35 - There’s Life in the Old Plant Yet- Water Treatment Facility Retrofit: Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck during a $200 Million Treatment Plant Upgrade and Expansion 

9:15 AM | Christine Ogino| WED15 - Advanced Water Infrastructure Renewal and Replacement from Cradle to Grave: Linear Asset Management Using Likelihood and Consequence of Failure Tools for Renewal Prioritization

9:45 AM Paul Swaim| WED06 - Regulatory Issues for Sustainability of Water Systems: Triple Bottom Line Analysis of the Upcoming Perchlorate Regulation

10:15 AMJim Bays | WED10 - Knowing Your Source: Before the Water Gets to Your Tap:  Goodyear Concentrate Management Wetlands Pilot Study: Summary and Application

10:15 AM | John Solomon| WED15 - Advanced Water Infrastructure Renewal and Replacement from Cradle to Grave:  The Leading Edge: Gwinnett DWR’S Approach to Infrastructure Renewal and Replacement

2:00 PM Brian Skeens| WED36 - Application of New Technologies for Managing Your Distribution System: Water Smart Grid - Optimizing Your Distribution System

2:30 PM | Brian Skeens| WED19 - Sustaining Small Systems: Tools & Case Studies: Georgia’s Innovation Continuum: Statewide Water Loss Management Gets Creative to Leverage Long-Term Improvements

2:30 PM | Linda Macpherson| WED22 - Strategies for Identifying and Overcoming Communication Barriers: Core Messages: Creating Context to Address Concerns

2:00 – 5:00 PMJaglit Kaur | PST04 - Water Resources, Potable Reuse, and Conservation Poster Session: Identifying Sources of Bacteria in the Malibu Creek Watershed, California

11:00 AM | Elio Arniella  | THU09 - Asset Managment - Practical Applications: Optimizing Surge Control Options Through Monitoring and Modeling