Jim Lozier will be attending and presenting at the American Water Works Association’s International Symposium on Potable Reuse, being held in Long Beach, CA, January 25-27.

By: Jim Lozier, CH2M Technology Fellow and Global Technology Leader for Desalination

During the American Water Works Association’s International Symposium on Potable Reuse, Jim will present: “Beenyup Advanced Water Recycling Plant: The Perth, Australia Groundwater Replenishment Scheme,” on Monday, January 25, at 2:10 p.m. The presentation is co-authored by Kevin Guppy and Stacey Hamilton of the Water Corporation and Jon Bates of CH2M’s Melbourne, Australia office. Jim is also a co-author on “Operational Recommendations For Advanced Treatment Processes at Potable Reuse Plants,” to be presented by CH2M’s Larry Schimmoller, on Tuesday, January 26, at 12:50 p.m.

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Since 2014, CH2M, under a joint venture, has been working with Western Australia’s Water Corporation on designing and constructing a full-scale Advanced Water Recycling Plant (AWRP) in Perth, Australia. The plant is the first wastewater recycling project of its type in Australia and is major step in progressing the Water Corporation’s strategy for climate resiliency.

Perth is the capital and largest city in Western Australia, with approximately two million residents. Water supply for Perth has historically come from surface water (through dams) and groundwater. Changes in climate have resulted in a significant reduction in rainfall in southwest Western Australia since the 1970s. Average dam inflow decreased from 90 billion gallons per year between 1935 and 1974 to 47 billion gallons per year from 1980 to 2000, with a further decline to 19 billion gallons per year between 2000 and 2010, with 2010 experiencing the lowest inflow to Water Corporation dams on record—equal to only 13 summer day’s demand. In response to this dramatic decline and predictions that rainfall will decline further over the next 50 years, Water Corporation developed a 50-year water supply strategy Water Forever: Toward Climate Resilience that includes water conservation, construction of seawater desalination plants and the advanced treatment and recycling of wastewater through groundwater replenishment.

The groundwater replenishment scheme is a key component of the Water Corporation’s 10-year water supply strategy called Water Forever: Whatever the Weather. The plant, which is expected to be complete later this year, will inject highly treated wastewater into Perth’s underground aquifers, providing an initial capacity of 14 billion liters per year (10 mgd). Water Corporation has an option to expand to 26 billion liters per year in the future.

The Water Corporation undertook a complex Groundwater Replenishment Trial (GRT) from 2010-2012 at the Beenyup wastewater treatment plant site to assess the technical and social feasibility of constructing such an advanced wastewater recycling plant for producing water that is suitable for replenishing groundwater. The Trial, which was managed under the Wastewater Quality Framework—a risk based quality management system aligned to the principals of the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling and the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, involved treating approximately 3.5 billion liters of treated effluent from the Beenyup Wastewater Treatment Plant using ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet disinfection and storing the water in two underground aquifers where it can be further filtered by natural processes. The Trial, which was successful, demonstrated the effectiveness of using advanced technologies and innovative solutions to treat water, so it is suitable to replenish groundwater supplies.

The Water Corporation is proactively addressing the impacts of global climate and the significant reduction in rainfall that the Perth region has experienced over the last several decades by implementing a water supply strategy that includes water conservation, increased use of secure (deep) groundwater and seawater desalination. A key part of this strategy is the construction and operation of the Beenyup Advanced Water Recycling Plant (BAWRP), which will transform wastewater effluent into recycled water meeting all drinking water related standards and guidelines. When the BAWRP is operational at full planned capacity in 2022, the water supply for the greater Perth area will be provided in whole by the climate-independent sources of desalinated seawater and secure deep groundwater, allowing Water Corporation to have achieved their Water Forever: Whatever the Weather strategy.

Jim Lozier is a Technology Fellow and serves as CH2M’s Global Technology Leader for Desalination. An internationally recognized authority on membrane technologies for potable water treatment, desalination and water reuse, Jim brings more than 32 years of experience in evaluating, designing and implementing a wide variety of membrane technologies, including reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and electrodialysis. Lozier received a Masters of Science at the University of Arizona. He is also a member of the American Desalting Association, American Society of Civil Engineers, Arizona Water Environment Association and the American Water Works Association.