CH2M HILL takes pride in our complete range of expertise and proven ability to develop innovative yet practical solutions to address complex water and wastewater projects for the Power industry. Mike Bobinecz, VP of CH2M HILL’s Water for Power business talks about the challenges facing the industry and how CH2M HILL is helping clients by developing compliance strategies and more.

By: Mike Bobinecz, Vice President, Private Sector Water Market

The Power industry is facing many water and wastewater management challenges, including but not limited to tightening wastewater discharge limits as a result of more stringent water-quality-based effluent limits, and pending U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Effluent Limitation Guidelines. The Coal Combustion Residuals rule, new water intake structure requirements, thermal discharge requirements, water scarcity, increasing reuse, aging infrastructure, and air quality regulations are also causing drastic changes in wastewater management for the Power industry.

Dealing with these challenges can be taxing on the industry, especially while continuing to generate power during implementation of modified or new systems.

However, for more than four decades, experts at CH2M HILL have been working with clients in the Water for Power market to provide compliance strategies that reduce capital and operations cost, and facilitate evaluation and decision-making. Our leading suite of water and wastewater services helps industrial facilities ensure adequate, reliable water supplies, including both traditional sources, as well as grey, brackish, and sea water. By helping clients improve their existing treatment systems, closely evaluating processes and equipment, we have helped design cost-effective and efficient wastewater management systems that are capable of meeting discharge requirements and adaptable to meeting future limits or changes in operating conditions.

As a full-service provider, CH2M HILL helps our industrial and Power clients with:

  • Siting, licensing, and permitting
  • Consulting services such as strategy development, regulatory support, process and facility planning, technology selection, treatability and laboratory services, and staff augmentation
  • Design and construction services
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Operations and maintenance

A recent example of our services is our work with a midwestern utility to convert their pond-based wastewater management to a system that will comply with their stricter permit requirements, while also planning for anticipated upcoming regulatory requirements. We characterized wastewater at two of the utility’s power plants, developed a basis of design for treatment, evaluated numerous compliance alternatives, worked closely with the utility to select the compliance strategy, supported permitting and regulatory commission testimony, and prepared the design that was ultimately used for the project.

We developed an innovative strategy to remove solids from the flue gas desulfurization water at the plants, so that the water could be recycled to the absorber. By considering this option and planning for it in the early conceptual design phase, we delivered considerable value to the utility, who was able to achieve a 30 percent cost savings by reducing the size of the softening and evaporator treatment train for the remaining flue gas desulfurization.

To learn more about our expertise and proven ability to develop innovative, yet practical solutions to address complex water and wastewater projects for the Power industry, read about our Water and Wastewater Servies For Power or contact me for more information.

Mike Bobinecz is responsible for overseeing CH2M HILL’s Water for Power Market. He joined the firm in June 2014. Previously, Mike worked as Vice President of Construction Management at BrightSource Energy, Inc. and was responsible for leading the Ivanpah Project, the world’s largest concentrated solar project outside of Las Vegas, NV.  ‘Power Magazine’ named Ivanpah “Plant of the Year” which is the first time a renewable energy project has won this award. Mike also worked for Bechtel Power for 13 years in various roles, including Business Development and Project Management in $5B of fossil fuel power projects. Initially, Mike worked for Babcock and Wilcox for 12 years in Field Service and Sales in the western 13 states, in a wide variety of steam generation applications.