7th World Water Forum brings science and technology into limelight. Glen Daigger shares the significance of the Science and Technology Commission and looks forward to serving as its co-chair.

By Dr. Glen Daigger, International Water Association President and CH2M HILL Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

I was recently selected to serve as co-chair of the Science and Technology (S&T) Commission for the upcoming 7th World Water Forum (WWF), which will be held in Daegu, Korea, in April of 2015. The Forum, hosted every three years by the World Water Council, is essentially a policy-oriented event that will focus on advancing policies that underlie good governance and management of water. THe WWF is the world’s largest meeting on water, bringing together global representatives to tackle water challenges.

I’m so pleased to be involved with this Commission for a multitude of reasons, but first of all you may be wondering why science and technology are important topics for the Forum? Two reasons. First, good science must be the basis for policies if they are themselves to be effective because governments can’t even legislate against the laws of nature. Secondly, we need effective policies to enable the development and implementation of new technologies and practices required to achieve a secure water future for each of us.

There are many exciting advances in a wide variety of branches in science and technology—ones that I believe offer highly valuable tools that will change how we look at water management. The work of the Commission leading up to and at the Forum will provide the opportunity to further characterize these opportunities and advance a roadmap to realize their potential. The addition of the S&T Commission to the Forum process (in addition to the three standard processes: Political, Thematic, and Regional) will be a lasting contribution of the Koreans to the world of water.

I will share more on my work with the S&T Commission as we progress toward the WWF. Stay tuned.