Paul Swaim completes his role as IUVA President and shares highlights from his time in office. During the IUVA/IOA World Congress held in Las Vegas last month, Paul passed the torch to Dr. Karl Linden.

By: Paul Swaim, CH2M HILL Vice President

Last month, at the IUVA/IOA World Congress, I completed my duties as President of the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) and “passed the torch” to Dr. Karl Linden of the University of Colorado. It was an honor and a privilege to serve the IUVA as President for two years. I have been a long-time IUVA member and Board member. I volunteered to serve the IUVA because I believe IUVA is an important organization. In particular, its vision “to advance the science, engineering and applications of ultraviolet technologies to enhance the quality of human life and to protect the environment” resonated with me.

Ultraviolet (UV) technologies are used on a widespread basis in water and wastewater, with tremendous growth in the past few decades. Today, UV disinfection is the ‘silver bullet’ for primary drinking water disinfection, state of the art technology for wastewater disinfection, commonplace for non-potable reuse, and a key barrier for potable reuse. The Catskill-Delaware UV facility in New York City, the largest operating facility in the world, has a design capacity greater than 2 billion gallons per day (88 cubic meters per second). Despite the widespread use of UV disinfection and the dissemination of best practices, proper planning on the part of utility managers and plant operators is key to avoiding some of the unique challenges that UV facilities can post to water utilities. CH2M HILL’s Todd Elliott presented “Lessons Learned During Installation and Start-Up of Municipal Drinking Water UV Disinfection Facilities” at the IUVA World Congress in September to share valuable tips for water municipalities interested in installing and starting up UV disinfection facilities.

As I wrapped up my term and reflected on the last two years, I am proud of IUVA’s accomplishments and forward growth. Thanks to the dedication of a number of volunteers, we were able to work together to:

  • Grow IUVA’s membership by more than 25 percent
  • Hire a highly-qualified Executive Director
  • Maintain the financial sustainability of the organization
  • Institutionalize best practices for a non-profit organization
  • Update the website
  • Take steps to expand IUVA’s activities with a series of events (conferences, webcasts and seminars) alone and in partnership with several related technical organizations
  • Form key committees (technical, education) to expand outreach and involvement

I truly appreciate that CH2M HILL facilitated the opportunity for me to serve this non-profit organization. It has been a great experience, with positive results, and I will stay involved supporting the new IUVA leadership in the coming years.

Paul Swaim, a recognized international expert in UV disinfection, drinking water, water reuse and wastewater applications has more than 20 years of experience in the successful completion of water projects. He recently completed his term as President of the IUVA. Paul is a CH2M HILL Vice President, Senior Principal Technologist and the Deputy Global Service Leader for Water Infrastructure in the Water Business Group. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of California at Berkeley.