CH2M HILL Global Water Business Group celebrates commitment to health, safety and the environment (HS&E) with a worldwide recognition luncheon for reaching a significant safety milestone.

By: Denny Southam, CH2M HILL Water Business Group Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) Director

Every June businesses across the United States demonstrate commitment to health, safety and the environment (HS&E) by participating in National Safety Month activities, with a common goal to raise awareness and educate people on the leading causes of preventable injuries and ways to stay safe.

At CH2M HILL, we work hard to promote a Target Zero culture, embedding health, safety and the environment in everything we do—from how we kick off a staff meeting to the measures we take to safeguard our staff, project sites and even company information. It’s not enough to just work safe, but it’s about turning behaviors into habits to stay safe in your home environment as well.

Our firm has made it a priority to live and breathe a global cultural of safety, which is why we were excited to learn CH2M HILL’s Water Business Group (WBG) was recognized by the National Safety Council with the Occupational Awardfor accumulating 15 million consecutive work-hours without a day away/restricted time case (DART). That’s almost 2.5 years of water business work without an employee suffering an injury or illness severe enough to miss work or alter their work duties in any way. Setting a new record for the business, the WBG also earned the CH2M HILL Gold Achievement & Service Star Award for accumulating 5.6 million work-hours without a recordable injury.

Achieving these safety milestones is something we can all be proud of at CH2M HILL, especially since more than 75 percent of our WBG staff frequently work in the field, outside of an office environment, and are surrounded by a variety of hazards. CH2M HILL’s passion and devotion to safety makes us a good business partner and continues to set us apart in our industry.

This summer CH2M HILL WBG employees from around the world gathered for a special luncheon at their facility or project site to celebrate our significant HS&E achievements. Employees, ranging from new summer interns to 40 year veterans, participated and embraced CH2M HILL’s renewed focus on safety, signing banners of our safety charter to reaffirm their individual support of our HS&E programs.

Our commitment to these programs makes CH2M HILL an outstanding place to work, and we recognize it is our employees’ dedication and ownership of their behaviors that has helped us reach these significant milestones.

Bob Bailey, our WBG President, attended the luncheon hosted at our firm’s Denver, CO headquarters. Eager to mingle with employees, Bailey shared his personal commitment to HS&E. CH2M HILL works hard to integrate our Target Zero safety culture into everything we do. It’s important for everyone, including our newest employees, subcontractors and clients to put safety first.

Bailey shared, “We are proud of our safety record, but we never think it is good enough. We always want to do even better to ensure our people make it home safely every single day.”

CH2M HILL is a leader in safety because it is core to our values. It’s not just an initiative; it’s not just numbers; it impacts our most valuable resource—our people. We know safety records speak volumes about a company’s values, and at CH2M HILL, safety is paramount to everything we do. We are proud of our recent accomplishments and are happy that we got to celebrate with our employees around the world. I hope you will take a moment to watch the short video below that highlights our global WBG employee event.

Mr. Southam is a CH2M HILL vice president with 20 years experience as a safety professional developing, implementing, and administrating Health and Safety Programs for clients and contractors engaged in residential, commercial, and industrial development, as well as heavy civil construction. Currently, he serves CH2M HILL as the Global Water Business Group Health, Safety, & Environment (HS&E) Director. Mr. Southam is responsible for all Health and Safety functions in CH2M HILL’s Water Business Group, including program development and implementation, employee training, and training program improvement. In addition, his global responsibilities include subcontractor compliance, field surveys, regulatory conformity, contractual and insurance requirements, accident investigations, site safety conditions, and governmental negotiations.