CH2M HILL and the Singapore Water Story

By Ngo Chiaw Tan, CH2M HILL Geographic Manager (Asean/India), Water Business Group

Mr. Tan will be discussing “CH2M HILL and the Singapore Water Story” on Wednesday, 6 July during the 10:30 Water Conference Tea Break at CH2M HILL’s founding sponsor booth 4H02, Level 4, Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre at Singapore International Water Week. Learn more about all of CH2M HILL’s Singapore International Water Week activities, workshop, and presentations.

The Singapore Public Utilities Board (PUB) was re-constituted on April 1, 2001 to become the national water agency that holistically manages every aspect of water within Singapore. PUB’s Mission to “ensure an efficient, adequate and sustainable supply of water” and the tag line “Water for All: Conserve, Value and Enjoy,” is not only brilliant but also points to the lessons that a tiny, water-scarce nation is providing to the entire world. Today, Singapore’s holistic and innovative ways of managing this precious resource is well-acknowledged by the world. For its efforts, PUB has won numerous accolades and awards, including the prestigious Stockholm Industry Water Award in 2007. The Singapore Water Story is about how a tiny nation solves its water challenges through innovation—innovation both in the application of technology and in the way PUB, and consequently all Singaporeans, think about water.

Having established its office in Singapore since 1996, CH2M HILL has been intimately involved in every aspect of water-related development in Singapore. CH2M HILL is delighted to be a founding sponsor for the Singapore International Water Week since its inauguration in 2007. We are proud to be a key partner of PUB in the making of the Singapore Water Story; a story of innovation fit not only for this island nation but also for the world. 

The Four National Tap - Holistic Management of the Entire Water Cycle in Singapore

PUB holistically manages the entire water cycle. From rainwater to collection, purification of drinking water to treatment of used water, turning it in to the internationally heralded NEWater, stormwater and drainage; and finally with desalination. Singapore’s Four National Taps programme does it all, illustrating to the world that the water cycle and the life cycle are interlinked.  CH2M HILL has been an integral partner to PUB for the past 15 years, integrating our technology, engineering and project delivery excellence to successfully deliver all major related projects. Projects include: the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System; the Changi Water Reclamation Plant; the Changi, Seletar and Kranji NEWater Factories and the Bedok NEWater Factory and Visitor Centre; the NEWater Infrastructure Plan project which is a distribution system to deliver the NEWater across Singapore; and the Marina Catchment Sewer Rehabilitation project.

The ABC (Active, Beautiful and Clean) Waters Program

Through the ABC Waters Programme, PUB hopes to integrate water and lifestyle and integrate the nation’s blue spaces with the green spaces.  While ensuring flooding is well under control, the ABC Water Programme focuses on creating amenities for Singaporeans by restoring rivers and canals across the urban landscape, reconnecting people with their water environment.  The Singapore River and Marina Reservoir for example, is a new reservoir in the heart of the city—one that will be a major lifestyle attraction. Through these projects, PUB is connecting people to water and creating a new linkage and sense of ownership, recognizing that people value what they enjoy and that new community values are needed for truly sustainable water management.  CH2M HILL has been an integral partner to PUB in the ABC Waters Programme with major projects such as the ABC Master planning for the Central Watershed and delivering the first demonstration project under the Programme, the Kolam Ayer ABC project, as well as projects at Dawson Estate, St George Avenue, Alexandra Canal and Bishan Park at Kallang River

During my 15 years with CH2M HILL in Singapore I have been intimately involved in every one of these major cornerstone projects, and look forward to sharing the details of these key projects during my presentation “CH2MHILL and The Singapore Water Story” during Singapore International Water Week. PUB has many lessons to share with the world, and provides a model for how communities around the world can change the way they think about and manage water.

Mr. Tan has 20 years of working experience in the wastewater and water industry, covering the full spectrum of engineering work including research, feasibility studies, master planning, technical, engineering, design, construction management, commercial, business development, proposals, staffing and senior management at board of director’s level. Mr. Tan has extensive experience with water-related design and a variety of delivery model (design-build, design-build-operate, engineering-procurement-construction, concession, etc) projects in the various countries in the Asia-Pacific region.


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    Thanks, NC. It’s been great being in Singapore this week, seeing the island’s innovative water management solutions first-hand, and meeting many members of the team responsible for our part in the transformation.

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