By: Lee Odell, CH2M Water Treatment Global Technology Lead

Participating in industry organizations and committees can help individuals develop skills and advance professionally. Throughout my career, I have been actively involved in a number of organizations, including the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)—the nation’s oldest engineering society.

Through the expertise of its active membership, ASCE is a leading provider of technical and professional conferences and continuing education. Over the next 12 weeks, I have the privilege of serving as a presenter for ASCE’s guided online course on Drinking Water Treatment Technology. During this highly engaging, self-paced course, participants will learn how drinking water technologies are rapidly changing to meet a variety of regulatory requirements, emerging contaminants and customer demands. The course, which will include video lectures, interactive exercises, case studies and weekly discussion board topics to help participants master the course material, will focus on understanding how drinking water technologies work and when to apply them. Knowing the breadth and depth of drinking water technologies is important for anyone involved in drinking water.

In addition to a course on drinking water treatment technologies, ASCE will offer an interactive guided online course on Earthquake Engineering for Structures. This course will introduce the fundamental concepts of earthquake engineering and provides the foundation for understanding the analysis and design requirements in ASCE 7. Key topics to be covered in this course include: seismic hazard analysis, structural dynamics, development of response spectra, inelastic behavior of structures, seismic resistant structural systems and seismic load analysis.

I hope you will consider joining me for this 12 week series. To learn more about this opportunity or to register for the courses, click here. You can earn CEUs by participating in these guided online courses.

Lee Odell is the Water Treatment Global Technology Leader for CH2M. He has completed more than 200 groundwater treatment projects, and has designed more than 100 groundwater treatment plants. He has 21 years of experience as a licensed civil engineer and 4 years of experience as a water treatment plant operator.